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3rd Party Logistics

Cross Border Shipments

We are experts at managing and expediting cross border commercial freight shipments. With an eye to our clients’ needs, and our strong carrier partnerships, we can move your products to their destination with speed, accuracy and efficiency. And, with our Ocean Freight Division and intermodal services, we can identify and implement the most cost effective method to move your freight — sea, road, or rail — or any combination that’s required, expanding our clients’ options to reach new markets anywhere in the world.

USA & Canada (all points)

Our network of carriers means we can move your goods from all points in the US and Canada — and we do mean “all points”. Fast, efficient, comprehensive coverage, border-to-border, means your shipping nightmares are over, and your budget stays in line. And, by employing technological advances like electronic data interchange (EDI), service accuracy is assured, from pick-up to final destination. Clients save time by optimizing the exchange of data, and they save money by eliminating costly data entry and transcription errors.

Dry, Fresh & Frozen Freight

Our expertise and experience covers the full range of freight types, and requirements — dry goods, fresh and frozen products, and any other “specialized” shipment needs you require. One of our many specialties is moving temperature sensitive freight into large chains, such as Walmart, Kroger and Publix; just to name a few. Our expertise, and strong alliances with cold-storage facilities and carriers across both the US and Canada, means we can meet the strictest requirements for temperature control and time sensitive appointment and delivery schedules. Our innovative and adaptable approach, backed with years of time-tested experience, means we can move freight of any type to meet our clients’ toughest, most demanding requirements.

Pre-scheduled Shipments

We offer pre-scheduled shipments to move your freight off your docks in a timely & efficient fashion. Pre-scheduling is the easy answer to your shipping needs — your goods move quickly and efficiently with no added effort or worry. And, with our Annual Pre-scheduling Contracts, clients can lock in shipping rates and avoid the week-to-week, or seasonal price fluctuations that can wreak havoc with shipping budgets.

Expedited/Exclusive Service

We can handle your time-sensitive shipments with ease. Our extensive network of reliable carriers makes it possible for us to ship your goods and have them arrive on schedule, every time. Our innovative and adaptable approach allows our clients’ expedited shipments to avoid LTL rates by creating “single customer” or “prioritized delivery” multi-drop shipments to significantly lower costs. This method increases service reliability, lowers or eliminates damage liability, and yields higher value for our clients, as well as peace-of-mind.